Around the World and Home Again


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Dear friends and family from around the world,

You may or may not remember us. From October 2012 to June 2013 we traveled on an extended 8 and a half month honeymoon around the world. At some point in our travels, our lives crossed paths with yours.

Some of you hosted us on your couches, in spare rooms or through your AirBnB accommodation. Some of you offered tips and advice about traveling in your country, or other countries we would visit. You shared meals with us, let us play with your children or hold your cats on our laps. You were on a tour with us, or visited the same beautiful place that we did, at the same time. You took lessons with us, or tried something new like diving or kite surfing. You emailed us encouragement and offered support when it was needed. You spent long hours talking with us about the world, sharing your opinions and your love with us. You allowed us to help, creating an opportunity for us to give our time and learn from the great work you do. You shared a train ride, a bus ride or a tuk-tuk with us. You offered love and updates from home. You made time to Skype, call, message or check in. You became part of our extended family and gave us a connection to, or a sense of home when we needed it.

All of you became a part of our journey and memories and helped make the world a smaller, less intimidating place.

We are back home in the US, and are adjusting to life as “normal” as it can be. We continue to think back over our journey and feel so blessed that we had such a wonderful experience and learned so much about one another, ourselves and the world.

Our biggest affirmation?

All human beings, regardless of race, religion, political beliefs or anything else, want the same things: love, a sense of belonging, to have their basic needs met, a future for their children, to be able to care for their families and to be cared for when they can no longer take care of themselves. That is what unites us as humans. That is what we can draw from when we need a platform for peace in times of conflict.

This trip has changed our lives, and we are forever grateful to each of you for playing a part in our adventure. Thank you.

In peace and gratitude,

-Noah and Amanda

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